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Moving or Starting a Business

Whether you are looking to start a new business in North Plains, or relocate an existing business, below are some helpful resources as well as requirements to be aware of. Also, visit our Why North Plains page for information on location and key benefits of choosing North Plains. Contact us with any questions - we are happy to help!

Serviced industrial property is readily available in the North Plains area. We assist companies with locating industrial sites or buildings which will meet their needs by working with brokers and developers. A customized site proposal will be developed based on the client’s requirements. The City of North Plains is currently working on a project to certify industrial sites.

Likewise, if you need assistance with locating a commercial property, please contact us and we will arrange tours and provide information as requested.

Infrastructure Services

Coordinated meetings between a prospective client company and private utilities are often arranged and attended by the City staff to discuss requirements, quality, cost, and service in a team approach.

North Plains purchases water through a contract with the Joint Water Commission through the City of Hillsboro.  A copy of the North Plains water consumer confidence report is available here.

Clean Water Services provides wastewater treatment services. 

Power is provided by Portland General Electric (PGE). PGE has a total combined generating capacity of 1,957 megawatts and they also operate several Reliability Centers throughout the region.

NW Natural is the natural gas provider that serves residential, commercial and industrial customers in western Oregon and southwest Washington.


The Washington County Workforce Alliance, a group of Washington County employment and training organizations, provides customized recruitment, training, retention and outplacement services to meet business needs.

Regulatory Standards and Issues

The City works with Business Oregon/Oregon Business Development Department to resolve issues that impede potential industrial development. This state agency advises, refers, and coordinates meetings between local government, business and other state regulatory agencies.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Oregon has some of the lowest workers compensation costs in the nation.

Oregon Business Guide 

The State of Oregon offers the Business Wizard which can assistant you with determining what permits you may need from the State as well as finance resources that may be available to you.

The State of Oregon Starting a Business Guide combines information and regulations from six state agencies into one document to simplify the process of starting a business in Oregon. This guide covers information on:

  • Registering a business name
  • Setting up a business structure
  • Permits
  • Federal ID numbers
  • Workers compensation        
To receive a free copy call the Oregon Corporation Division at 503.986.2200. Information and forms for filing to become a corporation are available here.

The City of North Plains requires business licenses for all businesses operating within the City limits. To obtain an annual license complete the application and submit the fee. For more information see the City Business License webpage or speak to City staff at 503.647.5555.

Construction and Landscape Contractor's Business License

If your business is located in North Plains, a city license is required. For more information visit the City Business License webpage or speak to City staff at 503.647.5555.
In addition, Metro, the neighboring area's regional government, offers a single license, which allows contractors to do business within 20 different cities. It covers all construction trades, commercial, residential, and landscape contractors. Qualified applicants pay a non–refundable fee and the license is valid for 12 months. Applications and additional information can be obtained at Metro by calling 503.797.1620 or online at https://www.oregonmetro.gov/.

Home Occupation Permit

The City of North Plains requires most home-based businesses to obtain a Home Occupation permit. The permit process requires completion of an application form and approval by the City Manager. Permits are valid as long as an active City business license is maintained, providing the home occupation continues to comply with City zoning ordinances and any conditions of approval attached to the permit. For questions or an application, contact the City at 503.647.5555.

Food Service/Restaurant Industry 

Washington County Department of Health & Human Services regulates the Food Service and Restaurant industry for the county. This department provides information on health procedures, bed and breakfast licensing and the Department of Health and Human Services also conducts food handlers testing programs, restaurant inspections, and food service plan reviews. Contact the Health & Human Services Department at 503.846.8722 or https://www.co.washington.or.us.

Unemployment Insurance

Employers are subject to the following requirements:

  • Employers need to register with the Employment Department by completing and sending a Combined Employer´s Registration to the Oregon Department of Revenue.
  • Post a notice provided by the Employment Department concerning unemployment insurance where employees can read it.
  • Keep adequate payroll records.
  • Pay taxes or reimbursements when due.
  • File quarterly reports on time.
Additional information can be obtained from the Oregon Employment Department.