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Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is a local board composed of up to seven residents and seven City Councilors. The terms filled by the residents are all four-year terms, one-third of which expire each year. Per State law members must be residents of North Plains, age 18 or over, and registered voters in the State of Oregon. Committee members are appointed by the City Council and are volunteers. There is no compensation for participation on this committee.

The City of North Plains sets a biennial budget that guides two fiscal years of City financial management as required by state law. The Budget Committee usually meets 1-2 times in April prior to the first year of the new biennium to consider the City’s two-year operating budgets and capital budgets which are split into individual fiscal years which start July 1 and end on the following June 30. The Committee concludes its meetings with a recommended biennial budget for City Council to consider adopting, which usually happens in early June. 

In the spring preceding the second fiscal year of the biennium, the Committee meets to get a progress report from City staff and hears about any necessary changes to the adopted biennial budget, as well as fiscal planning the City is doing that will affect the following biennium. Because a biennial budget is adopted for a full two-year period, any changes to the biennial budget do not require Budget Committee action. Instead, all changes are made by the City Council at an appropriate time through a standard supplemental budget adoption procedure. Modifications to the biennial budget can happen for unforeseen changes or new opportunities to meet community needs and City Council goals. 

In addition to the elected City Councilors, below are the residents who currently make up the remainder of the Budget Committee:

Members Term
VACANCY 04/15/2025
Sherrie Simmons 04/15/2025
Lisa Beutler 04/15/2026
Valerie Webb 04/15/2026
Cindy Hirst 12/31/2027
Chris Barron 12/31/2027
VACANCY 12/31/2028

If you are interested in joining the Budget Committee please contact the City Recorder to confirm there is an opening and then download and fill out the Budget Committee application here.