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Public Meeting Types

All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Regular Meeting - A meeting that occurs on preset schedule (First and Third Monday of the month).  Agendas are published in advance of the meeting, and minutes are later adopted.  The Council can take actions such as adopting resolutions or provide direction at staff during such a meeting.  Audio of these meetings is recorded.

Study/Work Session - A meeting where any members of the Council or committee may attend, ask questions and generally discuss a topic.  No action or consensus may be taken at the meeting.  An agenda is published in advance of the meeting.  No minutes are taken.

Closed or Executive Session - A meeting where attendance is limited to the Council and invited guests.  Members of the press can attend but cannot report on discussions within the meeting.  The topics of discussion are limited to ones specified in ORS and the nature of the discussion must be posted on an agenda in advance of the meeting.  No minutes are kept.  Council must report in a open meeting, if a decision has been reached.  

Special Meeting - A meeting occurring outside of the regular schedule for Council. An agenda is published and minutes are taken.

Emergency Meetings - An "emergency meeting" is a special meeting called on less than 24 hour's notice. An "actual emergency" must exist, and the minutes must describe the emergency justifying less than 24 hours notice.