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Public Projects

This webpage provides updates and information on public sector projects occurring in North Plains. It may include City, County, State, Development or School District projects.

Active Projects
Project Name Project Type Estimated Completion
Pacific Dog Park City/Volunteer Summer 2024
Public Works Facility City Fall 2024
Commercial Street Sidewalk Improvements City Summer 2024
Glencoe Road Sidewalk Improvements County Summer 2024
313th Street Improvements City Summer 2024
Brynhill Subdivision (Phase 5) Developer 2025

Projects Coming Soon
Project Name Project Type Estimated Start
North Avenue (East) Improvements Developer Summer 2024
North Avenue (West) Improvements Developer Fall 2024
289th and 292nd Street Improvements Developer Summer 2024
Jessie Mays Perimeter City Fall 2024
Pacific Street Improvements (Glencoe to Main) City 2025-2026
Main Street (Pacific to Commercial) City 2025-2026

Completed Projects
Project Name Project Type Completion
322nd Street Developer 2024
Brynhill Subdivision (Phase 4) Developer 2024
Brynhill Subdivision (Phase 3) Developer 2023
Brynhill Subdivision (Phase 2) Developer 2023
North Ave (309th to Main) Developer 2022