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np_dept_logos_water_colorThe City of North Plains is committed to delivering safe, high-quality, uninterrupted water at a reasonable pressure and to meeting the health and fire protection needs of the residents and businesses. The City must provide this service while meeting various State and Federal requirements. During the last 3-year Water System Survey conducted on March 13, 2019, the North Plains Water Department again met the criteria for Outstanding Performance.

Last year we delivered 141.5 million gallons of safe drinking water and ran over 50 tests to ensure its quality.

Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City's water system which consists of over 21 miles of water lines ranging in sizes from 4 to 16 inches in diameter, and for providing service through 1350 water meters. To maintain this system, crews regularly inspect and service the two above-ground water reservoirs and pump stations (a 1 million gallon facility on Commercial Street and a 2 million gallon facility on West Union Road), 328 mainline valves and air relief valves. In addition, the crew regularly inspect, paint and exercise 121 fire hydrants, and flush mains. Crews also operate the City's cross-connection program which ensures that our water does not become contaminated and that it complies with City and State regulations.

The North Plains Municipal Code Chapter 3 Water System Regulations establishes water fees, charges and deposits are set thru a City Council resolution.

Water bills are prepared by the Finance Department.

Business Hours Phone: (503) 647-5555

After Hours Public Works Emergency/Urgent Assistance: (503) 329-4379

Locating Water Lines - Please contact the Underground Service Alert system at 8-1-1.  The City of North Plains locates water lines and service connections up to the water meter.

Hydrant Flushing - The City regularly exercises its hydrants and flushes mains.  Occasionally this may result in the discoloration of the water.  The water is safe; it just has some rust particles from the interior of the water main.  If you run your water for a few minutes it should clear up quickly.  It is important not to run your washing machines (clothes or dishes) during a hydrant flush.  Please contact the City if you have any questions. 

Cross Connection Program - the City administers a cross-connection program to prevent contamination from hazards such as boilers, irrigation systems and other sources of cross-contamination.  Please contact Public Works for additional information (503) 647-5555.  Additional information can be found at the State Department of Public Health website.

Required Backflow Device Testing - the State of Oregon requires backflow prevention assembly testing upon installation, annually, and any time they are repaired. We recommend testing in spring when irrigation systems are re-activated for the watering season. Testing must be performed by an Oregon Health Authority-certified Backflow Assembly Tester.
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