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City Website Now Officially Northplains.gov

Have you noticed? The City has officially changed its website URL and email addresses from northplains.org to northplains.gov! While the northplains.org will continue to get you to the City’s website homepage for a while, if you have it bookmarked any pages or have City emails in your address book, you’ll want to update those. 

Why did we do this? The .gov domain is specifically reserved for government entities in the U.S., and it is regulated by the Federal Government. Here are other beneficial reasons for this change:
  • Using a .gov domain makes it clear that our website is to serve the public interest and fulfill government responsibilities. 
  • Having an official .gov domain assures users that they are accessing a legitimate and authorized government site. 
  • It will increase security and searchability of our online presence. Search engines often prioritize .gov in search results, leading to better access for users searching for our services and information.
The City launched a new and improved website in February 2024. This change to a .gov domain is a continued commitment to making services, information, and resources as accessible to our community as possible.