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What’s Next for the North Plains’ Urban Growth Boundary Expansion?

After the May 21, 2024 election, the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion adopted by the City Council in September 2023 is being paused while the City consults with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) to evaluate options for next steps within Oregon land use law. 

“The recent dialog on Measure 34-327 has highlighted a shared commitment among North Plains residents to prioritize our community’s livability and managed growth responsibilities,” said Mayor Teri Lenahan, “Regardless of how we voted, it’s clear that our common goal is to ensure our town thrives.”

The City Council plans to discuss the issue in June to evaluate input from DLCD and determine next steps for UGB expansion planning including public engagement. The City remains committed to thoughtful and inclusive long-range planning to accommodate acknowledged land needed for the next 20 years for housing, public amenities, and employment.

“We are very early in assessing next steps for a future UGB expansion area,” said Mayor Lenahan, “We look forward to working together with the community with positivity and respect to make North Plains the strongest and best community it can be.”   

The City will share updates on this project and public engagement opportunities through its various communications channels throughout the coming months and years.

More background: www.northplains.gov/UGB.